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For the health and hygiene of the community, and the growing trend of hygiene products in the country Zarrin Barg Persia tissue founders decided to immediately set up two tissue mills with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons. This will decrease the country's dependence on tissue imports as well as to minimize the foreign exchange costs.

The founders of Zarrin Barg Persia Tissue Industries Company with their valuable experience at Zarrin Cellulose Industries Company have laid the grounds for the production of various types of cellulose hygiene products including children's diapers, adult's diapers and ladies hygienic pads by employing state of the art technology.

Zarrin Cellulose has been in operation since year 2000 in the industrial town of Kaveh. The incentive and decision of the founders in preparing the possibility of production of tissue material needed for the country was based on economical factors as well as to minimize the country dependence on tissue imports.

Zarrin Barg was established in 2011 in the industrial town of Kaveh on a 320,000 square meter plot of land using superior technology of manufacturing tissue paper by utilizing Valmet progressive machineries, Comer de-inking equipments and water filtration equipments are among the precedence points and technical superiorities of this project which plays an advanced role in promoting tissue paper quality.

Zarrin Barg Persia Tissue Industries Company has the ability to produce tissue paper with grammage of 13.5 to 38 GSM. The modern equipments of de-inking of this company provides for production of tissue paper from 100% virgin pulp, 100% waste paper or combination of both. This leads to recovery and recycling of all types of paper and preserving to natural resources as well as to economizing in the foreign exchange.

Technology of water filtration of this complex shall result in reduction of water consumption. This plant will be environmentally friendly as it recycles its own water and can fully run on waste paper.

Phase 1 of this manufacturing unit is 60,000 tons per year. Zarrin Barg Persia will double its capacity by the second year to 120,000 tons/year and drastically decrease the country's need for tissue imports.

Future plans include duplex boards and carton machines.